Pastor Matt Korniotes came to know the Lord in September of 2005 at a Calvary Chapel Men’s Conference in Lynchburg, Virgina. As he grew in the Lord, he began to serve in several capacities at Calvary Chapel including both practically and spiritually. After just a couple of years of attending Calvary Chapel and serving the Lord as a lay leader, the Assistant Pastor stepped out in faith to begin a church plant in Warrenton, Virginia. Shortly thereafter, the Lord raised Matt up formally to serve as Assistant Pastor.

In June of 2010, Matt and his wife April prayerfully made the decision to heed the calling of the Lord and step out in faith. In Sept of 2010, they arrived in Colorado and immediately began to serve practically at the local church. Pastor Matt established stable housing and then waited on the timing of the Lord to start a fresh work. Finally, on 13 March 2011, the doors of Calvary Chapel Cherry Creek were opened and Pastor Matt began serving the community through the simple teaching of the Word of God, line upon line.

Since that time Calvary Chapel Cherry Creek has been exceedingly blessed by the Lord! Beginning their worship services meeting at a middle school in Centennial, Colorado, the fellowship quickly grew and in May of 2012 the Lord provided a church space for them within the Southfield Shopping Center in Centennial. Only a year later, the Lord provided exceedingly and abundantly by giving them the church that Calvary Chapel Cherry Creek now calls home! The church facility located in Centennial features a large meeting room, a magnificent kitchen with several stoves, ovens and sinks (with capacity to serve wonderful meals and support fellowship/community events), an ample community pantry, a free thrift store (C4 First Fruits Ministry), a spacious nursery, an arcade for the youth, a large youth room and numerous classrooms for discipleship, Bible studies, casual meetings and formal counseling as well as childrens’ ministry! Calvary Cherry Creek is also active with U-Turn for Christ based in Colorado Springs where Matt frequently visits to teach and encourage them in the Lord.

If you ask Matt if he’s a senior pastor, a church planter, an apostle or a disciple…he’ll simply answer that he’s just a rescued sinner and now his life returned to the One who saved him is only his reasonable service as the lead servant of Calvary Chapel.